Enjoy a Fishing Adventure at Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu Billabong has some excellent fishing available for the angler who is interested. While enjoying the luxuries that a Kakadu accommodation can provide, a day out on the water fishing could be the perfect compliment or counterpoint and a day fishing is never bad, especially when there are many different species available to catch in the region. From mackerel to snapper to sharks to the popular and iconic Barramundi, a day fishing out of the Kakadu Billabong is sure to be an adventure, complete with stories to tell for months and years later.





What to Bring for a Fishing Adventure at Kakadu

The Billabong provides inland sea water fishing so gear decisions should lean far more to saltwater fishing tackle than freshwater. The size of the fish also dictates that a variety of gear will be necessary. The Barramundi, for example, range in size from three kilograms to a record of 44.6 kilograms so a setup that can handle 20 kilograms is going to be almost overkill to catch this species. However, in the same water there are other much larger fish.

One thing that must be noted though is that that the Kakadu National Park does not allow any live bait so plan accordingly with lures of different types as well as artificial bait. The park service also requires that single hooks be used as well, which is an important consideration when choosing lures as well. No nets are allows aside from a landing net.

What Type of Fish Can I Expect to Catch on a Kakadu Fishing Adventure?

The unique ecosystem that is the Kakadu Billabong makes for a wide variet