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The Conference of Naval Associations (CONA) is a growing federation of over 70 like-minded naval associations who believe in working together for the benefit of their members.

Membership is free on application to the Secretary, or chair of the Working Group. CONA is about more intelligently working together to gain benefits, reduce costs and open up opportunities; merger is officially off the agenda and is not discussed, in order to protect the individual nature and freedom of each association.

The Conference meets twice a year and all members can attend (or not) and there are two Working Groups a year, where the real work of the Association gets done.

The key projects for CONA are currently:

·        Establish a full register of all naval associations, with contact details, web details etc
·        A geographical register which will show where all branches of all naval associations meet.
·        A website to host the registers (kindly sponsored by SF(UK)).
·        Cost reduction:
             - Legal fees
             - Printing
             - Sound engineer
             - Investment advice
·        Benefits for members
            - Partnership with The UK Holiday Group
            -  BUPA scheme
            - Others in the pipeline.
·        A minor role in advocacy if all members agree the line to take.
·        A presence on social media at some point

There is no structure or constitution, other than the election of a Chair, Chair of the working group and CONA secretary once a year.

If you're looking to find an association

Our 'associations' page will help you find an organisation by name or geography.

If you're an association wishing to register with CONA

Please visit our registration page.

There is no obligation on member associations and they can leave at any time. The Second Sea Lord has kindly agreed to act as ex officio President of the Conference.

The following Naval Associations are part of CONA:

2nd HMS Manchester Association


Association of Royal Navy Officers

Association of Wrens

Bath White Ensign Association

Britannia Association

Castleford and District Naval Association

Chatham Naval Officers' Association

County Class Destroyers Association

Federation of Naval Associations

Fleet Air Arm Association

Fleet Air Arm Officers Association

H M S Andromeda Association

H.M.S. Collingwood Association

HMS Arethusa Association

HMS Arethusa Social Group

HMS Ark Royal Association


HMS Bristol Association

HMS Bulwark, Albion and Centaur Association

HMS Claverhouse Association

HMS Cleopatra Old Shipmates Association

HMS Cossack Association

HMS Dido Association

HMS EXETER Association

HMS Ganges Association

HMS Hermione Association

HMS Hood Association

HMS Illustrious Association

HMS Llandaff

HMS Loch Fada F390 Association

HMS Lowestoft Association

HMS Mohawk

HMS Newcastle

HMS Relentless Association

HMS Resolution Association

HMS Sheffield Association

HMS Solebay Association

HMS Southampton D90

HMS Tartar Association

HMS Triumph

HMS Victorious Association

Leicester Senior Service Club

Loch Class Frigates Association

Merchant Navy Association

Mine Warfare and Clearance Divers Officers Association

Minewarfare Association

Old Caledonia Artificer Apprentice Association

Plymouth Naval Retired Officers Association

QARNNS Association

R.N. Shipmates

RN Communicators Association

RN Medical Branch Ratings and Sick Berth Staff Association

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association

Royal Marines Association

Royal Naval Association

Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association

Royal Naval Engineers' Benevolent Society

Royal Naval Gunnery Instructors' Association

Royal Naval Patrol Service Association

Royal Naval Photographers Association

Royal Naval Writers' Association

Royal Navy & Royal Marines Widows' Association

Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association

Royal Navy Safety Equipment & Survival Association


Sea Cadet Corps and Marine Society (Affiliated Member)

Seafarers' Advice & Information Line

Submariners Association

Surface Warfare Officers' Association

Sussex Association of Naval Officers

The Association of Royal Yachtsmen

The Fisgard Association

The HMS Tenby Association

The Regulating Branch & Royal Navv Police Association

Ton Class Association

Trowbridge & District White Ensign Association

Type 21 Association

Type 42 Association